10 Reasons to Hire Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, you will require to have all the information about the laws of the UAE and the rules and regulations required for Company Formation in Dubai.

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, you will require to have all the information about the laws of the UAE and the rules and regulations required for Company Formation in Dubai

Many entrepreneurs think that setting up a business without the help of a consultant in Dubai is not an issue. However, no matter how much knowledge one may have, one requires a local consultant to ease and quicken the setup process. 

Business setup consultants in Dubai have the knowledge and expertise about the end-to-end process. They have the excellent market knowledge and are well-versed with UAE marketplace policies.  

Here are the top 10 reasons for hiring a Business Set up Consultant in Dubai.  

1. Business Advice

Even if you have the requisite experience in the business you want to set up, you will still require a local consultant who can guide you in a new place like Dubai. They can provide valuable input on how to go about the setting up process. They can help in case of bottlenecks and advice on following the proper channels for faster resolution. 

2. Saves entrepreneur from the hassles of non-business activities

When setting up a business, entrepreneurs would like to concentrate on the core activities and not get involved in legal hassles. Business consultants have the required expertise in statutory matters in the UAE. They can take the responsibility of liaising with government officials to get all the requisite approvals and licenses.

3. To handhold in financial aspects of the new setup

UAE has some strict policies for business formation, even though they are investor friendly. If entrepreneurs are unaware of specific rules, they may incur penalties or cancel their business license. It can cause a substantial loss. A consultant can handhold their client and help to navigate through the rules. 

4. Helps to set up the company in a suitable location

Foreign investors may not know the difference between Mainland, Free zone, and offshore locations. The consultant can help them understand the benefits and restrictions of Mainland Business Setup Dubai and other jurisdictions and advise on the correct location depending on the business's nature. 

5. Helps in market research

A consultant has good knowledge of the local market in the UAE. They can provide their clients with an in-depth market research report that is relevant to their client's business. It gives the new business an idea about the market opportunities, threats from competitors, and who their target audience is. 

6. Guide for correct legal structure for business

UAE has its legal structure for partnership and sole ownership of the business. The recruitment for a local sponsor or agent in certain business activities is also there. The legal structure for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai is different from an offshore company. Also, the business's trade name must follow specific guidelines issued by the government. For example, businesses cannot use trade names with religious or political terminologies. 

7. Helps evaluate your business ownership 

Consultants help foreign investors find local partners and agents to start a business. They help to evaluate the correct shareholding between the locale and foreign partner. In the case of specific sectors where a service agent is required, their annual remuneration is agreed upon.

8. Assists in Visa services 

Business Consultants offer services for obtaining visas for foreign investors, employees, and families. They offer services such as collecting and attesting documents, processing applications and submitting them to the Ministry. They pay the visa fees and arrange for biometrics and medicals for the applicants. They arrange all types of visas, including business and tourist visas. 

9. Business consultants with Business Plans Strategies 

Consultants assist foreign investors with customizing the existing business plan per the UAE market. They provide strategic solutions and help to kickstart a business with critical implementations initially. They also offer advisory services such as accounting, taxation, and marketing strategies.

10. Helps in Product Registration 

Business consultants like Absher Business Consultancy have expertise in the product registration process in the UAE. They help complete the product registration process and review the product labels according to Dubai Cosmetics Regulations and guidelines. They also liaison with laboratories and other stakeholders in the registration process. 


Business Setup Consultant in Dubai is a vital cog for setting up a business. They know the end-to-end process of setting up a business. An entrepreneur should outsource the entire hassles of legal and administrative work to the experts and concentrate on their core business activities.