Business License in UAE

A business license is an identity and makes your brand a certified entity.

Complete Guide To Get Business License in UAE

A legit license is valid proof justifying the legal status of any business. Without a business license, a company will be operating illegally and perhaps undergo consequences as per the laws. In the UAE, all business owners in both the free zone and the emirates must have Business License Amendment and approvals from the legal authorities to streamline their business seamlessly. With the significant growth in the industry, logistics sectors, and trade in the commercial capital of the middle east, the government made it mandatory for business owners to get valid licenses to establish their business in the UAE.

Importance of a Business License in UAE

A business license is an identity and makes your brand a certified entity. The goal of the business license is to ensure that the trade is abiding by the commercial firm act in UAE not involved in any malpractices. In essence, securing a trading license encourages you to operate the business according to the law. Though most people find it expensive to secure a business license, it usually comes packed with a list of advantages. 

Getting a legal business license is an initial step in company formation in Dubai. The UAE government issues five business licenses to business owners. Let’s discuss each in detail:

  • Commercial license 

A commercial license is for businesses folks who work in the import/export model. Are you interested in selling commodities in the UAE or outside? Getting a commercial license is a must. Also, you will need to get an import or export permit from the licensing authority. However, if you wish to transact business locally in UAE, acquire a general trading license. 

A commercial trade license helps with the protection and regulation of companies. It allows business owners to engage in more than one activity under one license. Also, when a business owner is an ex-pat, he is legally allowed to own 49% of the shares of the commercial license. 

  • Professional License

The second type of license is the professional license offered to people’s intellectual capability. If there are two or more owners, they get categorized as Civil Works Corporation. Mostly, a professional business license is offered to working professionals that includes folks:

  • Lawyers
  • Consultants
  • Auditors

The best pro services in Dubai depend on professional skills. It is, therefore, necessary that professionals and specialists acquire to obtain a professional business license to start a business in the country. The main benefit of having a professional business license is that it has a fixed annual fee. 

  • Industrial License

The third type of license issued to an individual is the industrial license offered to organizations looking to convert natural resources into new products. Business folks with the same vision must obtain an industrial business license to start their company in UAE. 

  • Tourism License

Entrepreneurs and business folks who envision setting up a travel and tourism company in the UAE must get a tourism license. This license is usually from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Also, individuals who want to open a business to manage inbound and outbound trips in UAE can apply for a tourism license.

  • Classes of tourism license and freelance permit 

The main classes of tourism license include outbound tour operator, travel agent, and inbound tour operator. The last type of license is the freelance permit. This has been the latest authorization made in the UAE. Due to the increasing popularity of freelancing, the government requires individuals to acquire freelancing permits. Skilled people offer their services after obtaining the license. 

The cost of a Business License

Undoubtedly, a business license is an initial step for UAE Business Setup. It is crucial to avoid beginner mistakes and seek guidance, preferably hiring a consultant. The cost for obtaining a business license in Dubai varies between AED 15000 to AED 50000 depending on the type of business set up. There are no additional business license expenses unless one wants to register one's business setup, take on mainland premises or apply for additional UAE business license visas.

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