How can i get a business visa in dubai?

Your guide on applying for a Business visa in the UAE.

Dubai is one of the favorite destinations for entrepreneurs, investors, and business promoters for setting up offices and establishments in the Gulf country. Dubai’s strategic location and ease of starting due to the business-friendly policies of the government that welcomes foreign investments with open arms are the major reasons for foreigners setting up businesses in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is one of the main trading hubs in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East having one of the best business connectivity by road and air.  Added to this is the low tax regime of the country that helps businesses to maximize profits that are eligible for 100% repatriation.  

Foreigners entering Dubai for setting up a business or for any other business purpose should obtain a Business Visa with help from some companies that provide visa services in DubaiVisit Visas are one type of Business Visa and Residence Visa is the other type. To know more about Dubai Business visas, keep reading.

 Visit visas 

 Visitors on a business trip to Dubai for attending conferences and meetings,  trade fairs and explore business opportunities in the Emirates would require a Visit Visa. These visas allow single as well as multiple entries.  While applying for a visa in advance is the norm, residents of 81 listed countries can either obtain a visa on arrival or need not require any visa at all. Check if you belong to any such country before applying for a Visit Visa. 

Residence Visas 

Entrepreneurs wishing to relocate to UAE for setting up a new business or starting some business operations must obtain Residence Visas.  Only those who run a business in Dubai or other parts of the Emirates or have a successful track record as an entrepreneur are eligible for this type of visa. Residence visas are valid for 2, 3, 5, and 10 years during which the holders can stay in UAE.

An electronic entry permit with 1 to 6 months validity according to the type of residence precedes the issuance of Residence Visas. The time is allowed for submitting applications for a residence permit, passing medical tests, and providing biometrics.  On approval, you get an Emirates ID card which is the residence visa. 

Types of Dubai Business visas

According to the consulting companies Dubai, Business visas are of two types - sponsored or self-sponsored. Before 2022, all business visas except the Golden Visa for investors necessitated a sponsor from the country or UAE, who could be a resident, a citizen, or a company. However, the new visa system now includes self-sponsored visit visas and Green Visas for company shareholders and owners. 

Obtaining a Visit Visa

Single entry  - For conducting market research and evaluating the business prospects in Dubai you can obtain a single entry visa valid for 2,3 or 4 months. You can apply online to any emirate including Dubai. Fill up the form, and upload the documents like a copy of your passport, a photo (colored), and a qualification certificate.  On approval, the visa will reach you by email.

Multiple-entry – For regular business visits you must apply for a multiple-entry visit visa that allows you to stay in UAE for 90 days.

Residence visa through a UAE local sponsor

 After registering a company and obtaining its Establishment Card, you become eligible for a UAE residence permit with your company (mainland or onshore) sponsoring your residence visa for up to 3 years. Both mainland and onshore companies are suitable for international business but the former type can operate across the emirates while the latter type can only operate in the free economic zones. 

Green residence visa – self-sponsored

Shareholders of companies with shares worth AED 1000, 000($272,000) are eligible for Self-sponsored Green Residence Visas. The applicant may be a partner or the proprietor of the company.  First-degree relatives of the applicant can apply for obtaining Green Residence in UAE, as co-applicants. 

Self-sponsored Golden visa

 Investors, entrepreneurs, qualified specialists, and talented students are eligible for a Self-sponsored Golden visa. To qualify for a Golden visa you must either obtain approval for some start-up idea or own a start-up with annual revenues of AED 1000,000 ($272,000) or be a founder of a startup project that was sold for a minimum value of AED 7000,000 ($545,000). Owners of companies paying a minimum income tax of AED 250,000 ($68,000) are also eligible for a Self- sponsored Golden Visa.

 The application process for a residence business visa takes about 2 months.
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