Checklist for moving to the UAE

Here is your Checklist before you move to the UAE

Checklist for moving to the UAE

So are you planning your next big move which happens to be in the UAE? That’s a lot to process especially if you’re a foreigner and not familiar with the rules and regulations. Whether you are moving to Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any other city in the United Arab Emirates, the rules remain the same. 


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We created a checklist to help you be more organized. This way, you’ll know exactly if you’re on track or if you are missing something.

The checklist

1- Passport validity and visa status

The first thing you need to check is the validity of your passport before making any booking or reserve any accommodation. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months from the date you are planning to move to the UAE. If you do not have that much time left on your passport, you need to renew your passport. Renewal time actually depends on your country and how slow/fast they are with the process. 

Next, you need to apply for your visa. The visa type depends from person to person as it depends on the reason why you’re moving there. Companies offering visa services in dubai usually can give you a better insight on the type of visa you’ll need to be applying for.

Here are the visa options currently available:

If you want to know more about visas, you can check our types of visa services in dubai article

Pro Services in Dubai will offer you a consultation where they take all the details from you and then send you a detailed list of the documents you need to prepare. They can also easen the process of getting a UAE Local Sponsor in case you need one. 

2- Health check

Another Thing you need to know is that the UAE requires a complete health check that needs to be approved from a government approved facility. You need to check that you are set on all your vaccinations. 

3- Budget

Moving to the UAE is not cheap. You need to set aside a budget that will cover your living expenses there for at least 3 months. Here are the questions you need to answer in order to know how much you need (approximately)

-Are you moving to an already prepaid for accommodation/Hotel/Housing option? If yes, how much are you staying there? Do you need to buy your own furniture or is it furnished?

-Are you planning to go out alot upon your first arrival there? Many foreigners make the mistake of not including their outings and touristic excursions when planning their budget and spendings. The UAE is expensive and ignoring these costs may set you off budget. 

Now, that you have an estimated budget. Time to check the flight prices. Decide on which airline you want to book with after you compare the prices. If you’re sure about moving, then we recommend buying your tickets early so it doesn’t double in cost later. While you’re booking, check the baggage allowance and see if you are in need to buy any excess baggage. 

4- Taxes

Depending on your current location, you need to sort out your current taxes before you leave. Also, while you’re at it, it is best to also understand the taxation rules of the country you’re moving to. Some notions you need to cover are the corporate tax in uae, the income tax. This is why it’s better if you contact an uae consultant working for the best consulting companies dubai

5- Opening your bank account

We’re not gonna lie, it’s a bit hard opening a bank account in the UAE as you need to have your residency amongst other documents. It will take effort and time so you need to be patient. Any bank account opening assistance is useful and will help you overcome difficulties. Usually consulting businesses in Dubai can offer you that type of service

6- The extra details

Now we have almost covered all the basics but there’s a few details you might also need to know. If you’re moving to the UAE as an employee then you’re set but if you’re headed there to launch your business then you need to know a few things:

1- You need to know the location of your Company Formation in Dubai or elsewhere in the Emirates. 
2- Understand the difference between a Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai and a Mainland Company Formation in Dubai 

3- Know your ownership rights. For this we recommend that you check out this article: Can A foreigner have a business in dubai?

You also need to consider the name of your future company, the type of business and to start applying for a trade license. For all of these points mentioned there’s rules you need to obey or else your application can be rejected by the DED.

Now to conclude this is our final checklist that you can copy and start ticking the box when you are done with each task:

  • Renew passport
  • Have my appropriate visa ready
  • Book my flight
  • Prepare your luggage
  • Resolve all my bills and taxes in my current country
  • Prepare all needed documents requested to get all my processes done. (Check the list given by your consultant form the UAE)

Now you’re ready ! Start preparing your stuff and your farewell parties to say goodbyes to your friends as you are moving soon to the Emirates !