How to get an Employment visa in Dubai?

Just got a job offer in Dubai and now you require an employment visa? This article gives you all you need go know about UAE's visa services !

Employment Visa Dubai: All you need to know about it:

As Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations for foreigners keen to invest or set up businesses, the largest Emirate is home to a large population of the expatriate workforce that enters and stays in the country by obtaining an Employment Visa.  Also known as work visas, these are for people working in Dubai and sponsored by their employers in Dubai or some other Emirates.  Since the person employed in Dubai will also be residing in the country, it becomes imperative that they also obtain a residency visa. For more clarity about the visa system, you can talk to some companies offering UAE visa services.

While the Employment visa focuses on the work aspect only and allows people to work in Dubai for a specified period, the residency visa confers several rights to foreign employees for leading a smooth life.  The residency visa facilitates the opening of a bank account, taking a bank loan, getting a driver's license, sending children to private and government educational institutions, obtaining health insurance, and availing of government health schemes. The consulting companies, Dubai based  that provide visa services can help you with proper guidance to obtain the right type of visa.

Take your family along with you

Although an Employment Visa is the concern of the employer, since employers sponsor them individually, they have a bigger role to play in applying for the visa on behalf of their employees. The employers, for their interest, take complete responsibility for filing the application and ensuring that the visa is issued on time. However, many employees might like to have their families along with them and should ensure that their employers help them out in this matter. Dubai allows spouses, children, and even parents to stay with the visa holder in Dubai. As long as the employees have a residency visa, they can bring their family along with them to stay in Dubai.

The employee holding a residency visa must apply on behalf of any family member they wish to live with in Dubai. In this case, the employee sponsors the family members. When applying for visas for a family member, the applicant must prove their relationship by providing documents like marriage certificates and birth certificates. 

Steps for obtaining Employment Visa

You need an Employment or Work visa to work in the UAE but first, you need to get a job and your employer should sponsor you for the visa. It's the employer's responsibility to apply for the work permit and residency visa on your behalf. The work permit allows you to enter the UAE and start working subject to the issuance of the visa which takes some time. You must be present in Dubai throughout the process of application for which the work permit is necessary that allows you to stay in the country for 2 months, the maximum time it takes for visa issuance. The employer is responsible for completing your medical testing, obtaining a UAE Resident Identity and Labor Card, and putting the stamp of residency work permit on your passport.

 Health insurance included

In Dubai, employers must provide health insurance coverage for their employees. However, the policy is only a basic cover that the UAE local sponsor provides for legal compliance. For expanded health coverage, you must buy your own Health Insurance policy.  Consulting companies in Dubai that offer visa services can apprise you of the latest regulations. 

Conditions to fulfill when applying for a Work visa

  • The employer must have approval for a quota for the electronic work permit and the worker must be above 18 years and not have any valid work permit or labor card. 
  • The worker's passport should have at least 6 months of validity.
  • The establishment hiring the worker should have a valid license and be free from any legal violations. The authorized signatory of the establishment must hold an e-signature card.
  • The profession assigned to the worker should conform to the activities of the establishment.

 Who needs a working visa?

If you land a job in Dubai while you are in your own country, you will need a Work Visa preceded by a work permit issued by The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). The same is necessary if you want to switch companies while working in Dubai. Lastly, you land a job in Dubai while visiting the country on a tourist visa or visit visa.

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