How to Find Best Visa Services in Dubai?

UAE Visa Services consultants offer consistent and professional visa services to their clients

If you plan to travel to Dubai, you require a Dubai Visa. However, if you apply for a UAE visa, you will be eligible to visit all seven emirates of the UAE i.e, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al-Quwain. 

In recent years, the UAE government has eased the Visa policy and made Visa services more efficient and visitor friendly. It has resulted in the UAE becoming a tourist hotspot and the number of visitors increasing. Further, there are more than 40 countries whose citizens do not require a visa for Dubai if they want to visit there. 

Visitors belonging to those countries not exempted require a visa to enter Dubai. There are two ways to apply.  

  1. Check with the nearest embassy 
  2. Check with a visa service in Dubai for the process. 

UAE Visa Services consultants offer consistent and professional visa services to their clients categorized as businessmen looking for work visas and others as tourists. If one requires a visa as a tourist, the single-entry visa allows one to enter Dubai once. When they exit Dubai, the visa expires and becomes invalid. As a businessman, one will require multiple entries and exit visas. One can select according to their need. 

For businessmen and their employees, valid work authorization is required and linked to a residence visa. The employer sponsors the authorization for requesting a visa in this category. Workers must have a job with any registered company. 

Getting such a visa is best handled by a good visa service consultant. They know all the rules and regulations for obtaining a visa under any category. 

How to identify the best visa services in Dubai? 

Some of the leading business consultants in Dubai also provide visa services. To select the best, it is advisable to check their websites and ask for an online or offline appointment for discussions. Have discussions with at least three consultants to compare their services and costs and choose one that fits the client's needs the best.  

The following is the checklist to find the best Visa Services in DubaiThe visa services will do the following:

  • Collect and attest the documents of applicants.
  • Process visa applications and submit them to the authorities.
  • Make Visa fees payment to Government authorities for the applicant.
  • Arrange biometrics and medicals for clients and accompany them.
  • Process, submit, and receive the visa as per the required category on behalf of clients.
  • Tracking and managing new and renewal of visa 
  • Handling visa cancellations for clients’ employees and their families. 
  • Handle end-to-end Visa management services 
  • Advisory and consultation services on immigration matters.

Time Frame for Issue of Visa 

Applying for a visa online is fast. But without the regulatory knowledge, applicants may find themselves stuck. Also, they will not know whether the attached documents are correct or not, or else the visa may be rejected. The best way is to go through the business consultants who know the entire process as this is their routine work. 

The time taken to issue a visa is 2-3 working days after the successful visa application.

  • For Normal service, the time taken is 24 -72 working hours 
  • For Express service, the time frame is 10-12 working hours. 

The expert team from Consulting Companies Dubai will be able to guide you on the type of visa and the time and cost of each category. Visitor visas vary from 96 hours transit visa to 90 days maximum. For work, entry visas it is valid till the job lasts. 

A Visa service will also apprise the visa applicant about the necessity of vaccination before applying for a visa. And, if one is traveling with the family, separate visas must be stamped on individual passports. 

Advantages of hiring the services of Visa Consultants such as Absher Business Consultancy in Dubai. They will ensure the following services:

  • Offer a simple application process online  
  • Fast registration for visa application without wasting time
  • 24 x 7 chat support team for any queries 
  • Customer service support in multiple languages is beneficial for applicants of different nationalities.
  • Offers secured online payment and the highest safety for the documents, including the passport.
  • Lowest visa rejection rates