What do I need for a Nanny visa in Dubai?

If you are looking for details about a nanny visa in Dubai. This article is for you!

What do I need to know for a Nanny visa in Dubai?

Nannies and governesses are especially in demand among Dubai expatriate VIPs and High Net worth (HNW) families who hire trained personnel to attend to their children during their growing years.  Nannies are important members of the support staff of wealthy families settled in Dubai. Nannies and maids become members of the extended family and do various household jobs, too. Therefore, finding good Nannies is uppermost in the minds of 95% of families in Dubai and they want to know the procedure for finding and appointing Nannies by arranging for a Nanny visa with due assistance from companies that provide pro services in Dubai.

Although the company handling the visa process does everything to ensure the smooth and timely issuance of the visa, the online application process is of great relief to the families.  Families intending to hire Nannies and maids must sponsor the candidate as UAE local sponsor as stipulated by the Government.   It is the first step in obtaining a Nanny Visa. Read on to know the complete procedure.

Know the rules, regulations, and laws first

Before searching for a Nanny or maid, it is important for the family that intends to hire them to be familiar with laws, rules, and regulations related to the process of importing them from some other country. The family must take full responsibility for the person employed and should have enough financial capacity to consistently maintain her remuneration and other benefits. Moreover, knowledge about the terms of the contract for appointing maids and nannies is essential to ensure legal compliance with the laws related to hiring nannies and maids. For example, the maid should be at least 18 years old to qualify for a Nanny Visa. 

According to the UAE Domestic Labor Law, nannies come under the category of domestic help, and families hiring them must abide by the rules and regulations of employment for the specified group of workers.

Who can sponsor a maid?

The person sponsoring the maid should be a Dubai resident, married, and the head of the family with a monthly earning of at least AED 25,000 per month. The eligible person can then sponsor a maid or Nanny from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines. The sponsor should be not related to the maid in any way and should get the maid’s medical insurance which should be renewed periodically during the tenure of employment.

Salary rules

Minimum wages are applicable for maids in Dubai according to their nationality. Maids from India command a minimum monthly salary of AED 1,100, a Filipino maid should be paid AED 1,469, and for Indonesian maids, it is AED 800. A Sri Lankan maid's minimum wage is AED 850, for Nepalese maids, it is AED 900 and for Bangladeshi maids, it is AED 750. 

The families hiring the maids must make specified deposits to the Embassy or Consulate of the maid's country of origin except for the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. 

Steps involved in getting Nanny Visa

  • Opening sponsorship file – Since sponsorship is necessary to apply for a Nanny visa, opening a sponsorship file for families hiring a maid for the first time is necessary. 
  • Apply for an Entry permit – Expatriate families hiring a nanny or maid must apply for an entry permit by paying a refundable deposit of AED 2,000 while providing the IBAN.
  • Medical Fitness – The entry permit allows the maid to enter Dubai for undergoing the Medical fitness test at some government health center. The medical certificate is essential for stamping the Residence visa granted to the maid. 
  • Emirates ID – Within 10 days of applying for the Emirates ID, the visa candidate must complete the biometrics to obtain the Emirates ID.
  • Medical Insurance – For maids and nannies, medical insurance is a must. After signing the labor contract and getting the medical certificate, the Medical Insurance Policy is issued.
  • Employment contract – Whether the sponsor has an existing contract or the maid is appointed for the first time, it is necessary to print the MOHRE employment contract.
  • Residency visa application – Stamping the residency visa on the maid’s passport is the final step. A tenancy contract for a 2-bedroom apartment duly attested by the Ejari is necessary to apply for the visa. 

Nanny Visas are multi-entry visas with two-year validity but require yearly renewal to continue with the same maid. 



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