How can I get the Investor Visa for Dubai?

Here is what you need to know about getting an investor visa

Can I apply for an Investor visa for Dubai?


The United Arab Emirates is among the fastest growing economies of the world and Dubai in particular is the destination of choice for global investors who choose to make it their home while setting up businesses. The market-friendly and business-friendly policies of the government coupled with low taxes have made Dubai a hub for the global business of the region. The flourishing economy of the Emirates and numerous business opportunities are attracting investors who want to speed up the pace of wealth creation. It's the reason why you would find High Net worth Individuals ready to invest in Dubai by taking advantage of the financial opportunities that only Dubai can provide. Dubai welcomes wealthy and highly skilled foreigners with open arms. 

To avail of the outstanding business opportunities in Dubai, obtaining an Investor visa is the first step to entering the Emirates.  



 Investor Visa Dubai

Foreigners interested to start their own business in Dubai or invest in some existing business in the country are eligible for Investor visas or Partner visas to enter and stay in the country for professional reasons. The multiple-entry visa grants the right visa holders to reside in the UAE and enter and exit the country as many times as they wish during the validity of the visa. Investor visas automatically convert the visa holder into a tax domicile which exempts them from paying income tax in their nation. However, the tax rules of the country to which the visa holder belongs would determine the scope of taxability. 

Investor visa holders can apply for an Emirates ID card, open a bank account, get a driver's license, and avail of many other essential services including government health schemes and buy health insurance policies. They can even sign up for home packages and Du mobile or Etisalat. 

The Investor visa holder can sponsor their parents, spouse, and children to enter the UAE.

Companies that provide pro services in Dubai can guide you through the application process. 

Categories of Investor Visa

There are various ways of obtaining an Investor visa in Dubai. You can obtain the visa by investing in residential property, in a company, and even obtaining a Long-term residence visa or a Retirement visa. 

  • Visa by Investing in residential property – To be eligible for this type of Investor visa you must invest in residential property of a minimum of AED 1000,000 and 50% of the property value must be under a mortgage. For jointly owned property, each owner must have an individual share of a minimum of AED 1000,000.  The investment must be in free-hold residential properties only.  Investing in off-plan property nullifies the eligibility of the visa applicant. The visa has a validity of three to five years and is maintainable through periodic renewal throughout the time the investor owns the property. Three-year visas are for individuals investing between 1AED 1 million and 5 million while the 5-year visa if for those investing more than AED 5 million.
  • Visa by investing in a company – Those who invest in some company in Dubai or start a new business there are eligible for this type of visa. Investors can choose from 2100 types of business licenses to start a business on the mainland.  To start a business in Dubai you must have a partner of UAE nationality who will be a majority shareholder. Alternatively, you can choose an agent to liaise with the Government departments. However, recent changes in laws allow foreigners to own a company completely in mainland Dubai. It does away with the need for a partner or agent. However, full foreign ownership of onshore companies in specified commercial activities remains as per the policies framed by the UAE cabinet. The visa is applicable for shareowners of existing companies with a share value of at least AED 72,000 or investing that amount in a startup. No UAE local sponsor is necessary for starting a business in Dubai’s free zone.
  • Long-term Residence Visa- Investors who meet some specific criteria are eligible for a Long-term residence visa with 5-10 years of validity according to the size of the investment.  The investor's family comprising a spouse and children along with a manager and an adviser is even eligible for a residency visa.
  • Retirement Visa -   Investors about 55 years are eligible for the visa if they decide to make Dubai their home. However, they must invest in a property worth AED 2000,000 or have total savings of AED 1000,000 or an active monthly income of AED 20,000.


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