How to register food products in Dubai?

Here are all the steps you need for food products registration in Dubai

How to register food products in Dubai?

Opening a food product business in the market of Dubai is very profitable. If you are considering opening one, then you have made the right decision. The food production industry is one of the growing businesses in Dubai.

Dubai is the hub of business in the Middle East, consumer products are exported, manufactured, packaged, and delivered from here. Food items are also one of the most common imported goods in Dubai. The Government of the UAE has taken many initiatives to help the Dubai food industry to excel. Many reasons have made Dubai’s food sector most profitable to invest in:

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Reasons to invest in a popular tourist destination

  • High demand for expensive food and beverages
  • High GDP growth and per capita income
  • Different nationalities with a variety of food tastes

A most sought-after destination for international shows, conferences, and events. So, for budding entrepreneurs, the potential is huge. They can trade within and also outside the mainland of Dubai. But, to build your own business in Dubai, there is a definite process that you need to follow. First, you need to consider the options the Dubai food industry offers. The opportunities are huge.

Opportunities /Business ideas related to food:

  • Restaurant
  • Cafeteria
  • Food truck
  • Food warehouse
  • Food packaging
  • Grocery store
  • fFod factory

Whatever your choice, the first step is to make the business legal. 

How to legalize your business?

1-Getting a trade license

To do any business in Dubai, you need a valid trade license. This license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). So, to begin or start a particular business in Dubai, you have to apply for a trade license with DED.

Trade licenses are of various types. A General Trade License is the most suitable for the food industry. This is because it will allow it to carry out all the commercial activities. It also gives permissions for imports and exports. The trade license you applied for will depend upon another factor: The location of your business. You can open a business in the UAE either in the free zone or on the Dubai mainland. 

So, before opening a new food business, you need to understand the difference between the two.

A Dubai mainland business license is issued by DED and requires approval from various Government entities. However, a Free zone trade license is issued by authorities of the free zone. Free Zone company formation in Dubai even though seems lucrative, the setup costs can be more. But the free zone near the coastal areas is a favorable location for import and re-export services. 

You need to submit certain documents along with your trade license application. Arrange all the documents beforehand. Before applying for a trade license, you need to select a company name. You also need to define your business activity and legal structure. A completed application form along with fulfilling the mentioned criteria will help you get the trade license. You may also take help from a professional to get your trade license.

2-Registering food products under Dubai Municipality

A company already registered in the UAE, and having a valid trade license, can apply for food license registration with Dubai Municipality. To ensure consumer safety, all the food products imported, manufactured, and sold in Dubai, has to go through this registration process. Once your products are registered, the products can be sold anywhere in the UAE without any problem. 

The registration is done by the Food Safety Department at the Municipality. The foodstuff products are registered through the FIRS system. The health supplements or dietary supplements along with the consumer products have to be registered with Dubai Municipality. It is to ensure that such products will not cause any harm to human health when consumed.   

It requires a clear image of the food item along with the label and description of the product. Remember, a false description will result in the cancellation of registration. The production and manufacture expiry date, manufacturing details, country of origin, product usage information, special use instructions, allergic information, barcode, and net weight or volume should also be mentioned clearly. A food license also inspects suitable resources for food transport, food containers, and display. To keep the food safe from contamination and maintain hygiene the rules are mentioned. 

The products are lab tested and authenticated as per the UAE quality standards by Dubai Municipality in liaison with Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). There are several limitations that one should know about before registering their foodstuff for a license:

  • There are certain substances banned in Dubai
  • The product information on the package should be either in Arabic or English
  • Some food additives are not allowed in UAE

According to consumer protection laws, selling fake or harmful products is prohibited in Dubai. It is a punishable offense. Even fake descriptions will result in the cancellation of the license. There are several rules for product registration in Dubai. It will be a good decision to take help from the best business setup consultants in Dubai to start your business hassle-free. 

Any product not registered with Dubai Municipality will be treated as a fake product. It will be barred from entering the market, so don't underestimate this process. 

3-Importing Goods

Along with the food and trade license, you need to have two more certificates. Companies intending to import food products to Dubai have to submit:

  • Original health certificates. They are usually issued by the proper Government agency of the exporting country. These certificates state that the products are fit for human consumption
  • Original halal certificate for meat and poultry products

The UAE Government ensures the well-being and safety of the consumers. So, their food registration process is stringent. If you want to establish a successful  business in Dubai you need to follow the rules and regulations. This is why you need expert help. You need to find the Best Pro Services in Dubai. They can help you to set up your business and run it successfully. 

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