What is the meaning of DED in Dubai?

The DED refers to the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. .

What is the meaning of DED in Dubai?


The DED, also known as the Department of Economic Development of Dubai, is a government body responsible for developing, implementing, and regulating the economic agenda of the Emirate of Dubai. Each Emirate has its own DED for speeding up the economic growth of the region, which functions with support from the agencies under its wing. 

The DED has its task cut out for drawing economic plans and framing policies, providing support for the development of strategic sectors, and assisting domestic and expatriate businesses and investors to contribute to the economic development of that region. Therefore, for engaging in any business activity in Dubai, you must approach the agencies under DED to obtain the necessary approval and license for starting a business or making any business investment. The DED is responsible for product registration, issuance of trade licenses, business registration and regulation, and trademark protection. The advisory services of DED groups arrange for the development and funding of SMEs, take steps to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), and encourage exports. 

Why do you need the department of Economic development in Dubai?

1-Company formation in Dubai

To set up a business in Dubai you must seek the services of the Best Business Setup Consultants in DubaiThe consulting company has certified Business Experts who advise clients and take them through every step of the business setup procedure. They help in Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai, which is the most popular choice for enjoying maximum benefits. The consultants help in setting up the business from scratch. LLC or Limited Liability Company is the most preferred business organization in the UAE for corporate and entrepreneurs interested in setting up a business on the Mainland. Setting up an offshore company involves setting up a company beyond the shores of the country of residence without having an office in the UAE. 

Besides forming a company, registering the products is also a legal requirement in Dubai and part of the business setup process.

2-Product Registration

The UAE has strict rules and processes to regulate and control the manufacture and import of products to the Emirates for sale or consumption in the domestic market. Product Registration in Dubai is one of the significant processes for starting a business, except for service-based businesses like consultancy. 

Product registration helps to maintain the desired product quality in the market by ensuring its safety for consumers by complying with the health and hygiene standards of the Emirates. It helps prevent the proliferation of fake products in the market that can put consumer health and safety at risk.   

Importers and manufacturers must register the products with the respective Municipality, which acts as the competent authority. Product registration ensures that the product label contains all requisite information about the product so that consumers can take well-informed decisions. It helps the government to assess if the product complies with the safety standards of the Emirates. Dubai Municipality issues a certificate for every product registered with them. The officials might verify the certificate when shipping or clearing the goods. 


Need PRO Services ? 

The business consultants provide services related to company formation, business registration, obtaining a business license, opening a bank account, and arranging for visas. However, in addition to these services, companies would need the Best Pro Services in Dubai. Public Relations Officers who deal with all documents and paperwork associated with company formation and business setup in liaison with the government and other agencies provide PRO services. The services help to streamline the documentation and paperwork while speeding up the process of obtaining the approvals necessary for setting up a business. 

Services covered by PRO services

The company that provides business consultancy services includes PRO services in the package, including transactions related to trade licenses, employment visa processing, typing of various forms for availing online government services, and other services termed value-added services. A typical example of value-added services is the logistical support of picking up and dropping off an employee during the visa renewal process that requires the employee to undergo a medical test. It makes the process hassle-free and saves time and cost for the company that avails the services. PRO services ease dealing with government departments and save time and cost. Thus, their line of services is highly comforting for business owners to set up a business in Dubai. 

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