Professional License in Dubai

A professional license allows a foreign investor to own 100 percent of the business

Professional License in Dubai

Dubai is a lucrative place to start a business either as an entrepreneur or professional service provider. To start legitimate business activity, one must have a valid trade or business license. 

 There are three types of business licenses in the UAE.  

  1. Commercial License
  2. Industrial license
  3. Professional License

Commercial License 

A commercial license is required for selling commodities in UAE. Even for those businesses which have an import and export business model, a   commercial license is a must in addition to the import and export permit. However, a general trading license is sufficient for doing business transactions locally in the UAE. The general trading license allows business owners to engage in more than one activity under one License. 

Industrial License

The industrial license is issued to companies who want to convert natural resources into new products. Business entrepreneurs with the same vision can get an industrial business license to start their company in the UAE. 

Professional license

A professional license is granted to service providers, craftsmen and artisans, and many more individuals who have the intellect and talent to practice any career. 

Professional license is given to individuals who offer professional services in Dubai such as consulting, accounting and auditing, tourism, web designing, education, and other service based on ability and talent. The license gets issued by the DED (Department of Economic Development) in the emirate of Dubai. Dubai Mainland Company Formation license gets issued by the DED (Department of Economic Development) in the emirate of Dubai. 

Get Professional License in Dubai 

The following are some of the activities that the Dubai Government approves. These registered professionals must comply with the laws, rules, regulations, and compliances set by the respective Ministry.

  • Artisanship and Carpentry
  • Consultancy services
  • Securities and Medical Services
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Beauty salons
  • Computer web designing services, networking, cybersecurity, tech support, etc.
  • And many more

A professional license allows a foreign investor to own 100 percent of the business, giving them the privilege of a sole proprietorship and exempted from having a local sponsor in Dubai as a shareholder. Instead, to complete the legal formalities, a local service agent who is a UAE national is required. The local service agent has no involvement in the business and only charges a fixed annual fee for the service he renders. They do not have a shareholder stake in the company and are not responsible for the professional firm's liabilities. 

How to obtain a professional license? 

The first step toward applying for a professional license is to give details of the applicant's business activity. Also, the applicant must hire a local service agent to handle the application procedures, including legal documentation. 

  • The applicant needs to reserve a unique business name for which a fee is to be paid. The name selection and other necessary documents will be sent to the DED for initial approval.
  • The local service agreement is made and public notarized. If an agreement is in Arabic, a translator seal is not required.
  • The agreement with the local service agent should include their yearly fixed fees.
  • One has to apply for a civil company license if more than one individual carries out the professional activities in the company.
  • All stakeholder has to appear before the registrar to sign the agreement
  • All forms in original with attestation, applicant’s passport copies, and NOC are to be submitted to the DED branch.
  • After paying all the relevant license fees, the license gets issued. It takes anywhere from three days to a few weeks to get one depending on the business activities and approvals required from the concerned authorities.

Professional License fees cost 

The professional license fee in Dubai costs around AED 15000 and fluctuates with time. It includes

  • Professional License Fees
  • Business/ Trade name fees
  • Service Agent Fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Market fees depending on the tenancy amount
  • Other government local fees

Documentation for Professional License Fees

  • Duly completed application form prescribed for professional license
  • Owners' or partners' passport copies
  • NOC from the sponsor of the expatriate already has an employment visa. If the applicant is on a visit visa, the UID number is required.
  • Tenancy contract documents to be submitted to Dubai municipality, including rental contract and Ejari registration.

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