Reasons for Choosing Dubai Mainland for Company Formation

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One of the most crucial decisions is to choose a location before thinking of a Company Formation in Dubai. Your company's location holds much more significance than its postcode. Your company's location is imperative for luring and keeping the best staff and may significantly improve a company's long-term performance. Remember bad site choices can cost a lot in terms of lost capital, talent, and productivity.


Many business owners opt to create a mainland Dubai corporation because of its numerous benefits. To locate the best site for your business setup in the UAE, visit one of the best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai before reaching a decision.


Significant reasons for choosing Dubai mainland for company formation:


Dubai is among the most sought-after and popular tourist and business destinations today. Dubai has a diversified pool of competent human resources with its geographically advantageous location. Dubai also has a large consumer base, outstanding infrastructure, and business-friendly regulations supported by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The Mainland Company Setup in Dubai is a desirable option because of these facilities.


Mainland -LLC and Free Zones - FZE, FZC, and offshore firms with no physical presence - are the three kinds of company formation offered in Dubai. The UAE's mainland is practically anything outside of a free zone. Onshore firms are based on the mainland and have their licenses granted by the DED or any other relevant department in other Emirates.


Different categories of mainland licenses in Dubai 


Commercial License 


A company that is a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) dealing in goods and commodities is eligible for a commercial license. For example, those businesses related to healthcare, Retail, trading, and Rental Transportation require a commercial license. 


Industrial License 


A business setup for executing manufacturing or industrial activities requires an industrial license.


Professional License 


A professional license is issued by the DED to businesses interested to provide professional services. Professionals like Lawyers, teachers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, and Consultants come under the category of professional services. 


One must consider the advantages and drawbacks of the location while deciding between mainland and free zone sites in Dubai. Businesses based on the Mainland undoubtedly benefit from a wide range of strategic advantages. For company owners, investors, and organizations wishing to launch a venture in Mainland Dubai, DED offers a variety of benefits.


The only drawback of establishing a firm on the mainland was the need to share 51% ownership with a UAE resident. However, this requirement got eliminated in June 2021. Mainland jurisdiction permits 100% foreign ownership of 2000+ commercial activities in the UAE. 


Because of this reason, most businesspeople prefer to set up a mainland company. A Mainland Business Setup in Dubai also offers other advantages for conducting business properly without requiring the assistance of a local/national service agent (LSA/NSA) or Emirati sponsor, including:


  1. You can build a flexible start-up with the Mainland Company Setup in Dubai.


  1. Merchants can plan and launch any trade with a Mainland Business Setup in Dubai. They don't need to worry about the legal implications of exceeding trade permission in Dubai and the UAE jurisdiction.


  1. In contrast to a free zone establishment in the UAE, a mainland/onshore firm is free to conduct business externally and inside the country.


  1. Except in specific circumstances as UAE legislation allows, there is no capital required to get a mainland business license in Dubai.


  1. Because there are fewer rules and limitations, the mainland business registration procedure is simple.


  1. Onshore businesses benefit from fewer restrictions and options compared to free zone competitors.


  1. Mainland players are free to pursue potentially lucrative government contracts. But free zone businesses can only collaborate with other businesses in their industry.


  1. Since companies may be created anywhere in the UAE on the mainland, unlike in free zones, this allows them to grow and maintain a significant presence.


Know your Mainland business set up experts in Dubai 


In the end, Mainland Company Formation in Dubai is simpler. Therefore, your next step should be to evaluate your business plan for the coming years and decide whether Dubai mainland registration is the best choice. You should entrust the company formation modalities with professional Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, such as Absher Business Consultancy.