Resident Visa Dubai: Am I eligible for applying?

Considering applying for a residence visa in the UAE? ABSHER gives you all the needed information about UAE Visa Services including resident visa

For settling down and working in Dubai you need to obtain a Resident Visa Dubai with help and guidance from some companies that provide pro services in Dubai for some fees.  The visa allows you to stay and work in any part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the rights to opening bank accounts, obtaining bank loans, availing visa-free access to many countries, and getting a driver's license. You also gain access to health insurance and government health services and can send your children to private and government schools.  However, to be eligible for a residency visa you must either find a job or invest in one of the emirates.  Investing in real estate and participating in a business as an owner or shareholder help you qualify for a residency visa.

UAE is especially attracting high net-worth individuals from across the world for residency in addition to a large workforce keen to settle down in the Emirates.  The sunny weather of the Emirates, excellent global accessibility, and low taxes on income and property along with low capital gains tax and the country's political stability are reasons for foreigners settling down in Dubai and other emirates.  Residency visas are valid for three years subject to renewal. 

Who is eligible for Resident Visa Dubai?

You can obtain a Resident Visa for the Emirates only if you have a UAE local sponsor but recent changes in the visa system allow Self Sponsorship for a certain category of people fulfilling specific conditions but, more on that later. The following categories of people can apply for a resident visa.

  • Those working in the Emirates in private or government organizations and the employer sponsor the applicant.  
  • Those studying in educational institutions in the UAE are eligible for the visa. 
  • Dependent on any foreigner of UAE citizens like a parent, child, close relative, or maid.
  • Those who retire in the UAE are entitled to residency.
  • Purchasing any property in the UAE makes you eligible for residency. 

Types of residency Visa in the UAE

Although all the above categories of people can obtain residency visas, the types of visas differ according to the purpose of living in the UAE and there are 6 types of residency visas. 

  • Work Visa issued to foreigners employed in the UAE and having a work permit.
  • Student Visa is for students studying in UAE educational institutions. 
  • Family Visa is for close family members of foreigners or UAE citizens. 
  • An investment visa is for foreign investors with considerable investment in the UAE or business owners setting up their businesses in the UAE. Also known as a long-term residency visa this type of visa is valid for 10 years. 
  • A retirement visa is provided to elderly foreigners willing to settle down in the UAE after retirement or want to retire in the UAE and have the necessary financial capabilities to support their living.
  • A special program called Work Remotely from Dubai is available for freelancing foreigners interested to work in Dubai remotely. 

In the above cases, the employer, educational institution, and family members can sponsor the applicant. Self-sponsorship is available only for those who invest in real estate in the UAE and investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Here, the property or the business itself is considered an instrument for sponsorship. 

 Validity of residency visas

The various categories of Residency visas have a link to the validity of the visa. Residence visas are valid for 2, 3, 5, and 10 years during which the holders can stay in the UAE. The duration depends on the purpose of stay in the Emirates and the maximum duration is available only for investors and businessmen who relocate to the UAE. Residency visas obtained through a sponsor are usually valid for 3 years subject to renewal and the sponsors must apply for the visa on behalf of the applicant. 

Visa renewal

A 30-day window is available for renewing Residency Visa before its expiry. However, a grace period of 30 days from the date of visa expiry is also available for renewal and the sponsor must apply for visa renewal within the maximum allowable time. The visa renewal process is similar to the process of granting fresh visas. 

Remember that your sponsor must first obtain an entry permit so that you are present in the UAE during the process of filling out your application for a residency visa. 

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