Simple Ways to Register a Product in Dubai

Product registration in Dubai

Dubai Municipality makes it mandatory for all products meant for consumers must be registered with them. The registration ensures that harmful products are screened and stopped from entering the market. 

Before the product registration, the company manufacturing them should have a valid license for related activity in the consumer product category. A consumer product company must have, e.g., an account in the Dubai Municipality portal. 

Benefits of Product Registration in Dubai  

Any product that enters the Dubai Market is controlled and regulated by the Government. It is therefore vital to have the product registered. Products such as cosmetics, food, and health supplements have different registration areas. There are several benefits also-

  • The registration protects the brand 
  • Weeds out fake products 
  • Gives insights on the import and export rules for the product
  • Makes it easier to trade the product in the UAE and other GCC.

Why is product registration compulsory?

Consumers must know what goes into making products used daily. There have been instances where toxic materials are found in the product components that make it harmful for use. Product registration in Dubai is necessary so that Dubai Municipality can conduct random testing to control what enters the Dubai market and keep consumers safe.

Documents needed for Product Registration in Dubai  

These are some of the documents needed before the product registration process starts. 

  1. Ingredients report of the product signed by manufacturer or brand owner

Analysis report signed by  

  1. manufacturer or brand owner
  2. The material safety data sheet for items like detergents and air fresheners
  3. Halal Certificate from certified Islamic bodies for products that contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatine. 

Product Registration process 

There are several steps in the product registration process. Before starting the registration process, the product owner should have the above documents ready. If the documents are incomplete or there are errors, the registration will get held up. Some deficiencies will allow the product owner to reapply after a certain period; others will lead to automatic rejection. It is better to plan and check properly before applying to avoid this scenario. 

A step-by-step process for product registration:

  • Submit the CPRE- Consumer Products Registration Service application and pay the relevant fees.
  • Check the product compliance with Dubai Municipality and upload the required documents in the portal.
  • Authorities will revert with major and minor remarks. Major remarks mean registration is denied. The reasons are ingredient or free sale certificate not uploaded, failed lab test, banned ingredients or those exceeding limits, product photo, name not consistent, etc. 
  • Minor remarks include additional documents required, scientific or medical evidence for product claim, lab test requirements, and label requirements. 
  • Once all compliances are in place, the product is registered, and an automatic electronic registration certificate is generated. 
  • One has to pay product registration fees in the system within 45 days of submission of the documents; otherwise, the CPRE application will automatically get canceled. 

Product registration validity and fees 

The validity of product registration is for five years. The product registration can be extended for another five years with a renewal process. The Dubai Municipality charges a different amount for different products. For example, cosmetic product registration fees are AED 250 per product. The Dubai Municipality can also refer any product for lab tests case-to-case basis. Depending on the product type and testing depth, the charge is AED 1,250 for a single lab test. 

Working with company and product registration specialists 

The product registration process may appear daunting to some, especially those who are not locals and well versed with the rules and regulations. However, it is better to take the services of Business Setup Consultants in Dubai like Absher Business Consultancy. They know the product registration process and carry out the formalities, including documentation and application.