Step by Step Guide to Start A Mainland Company in Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the most popular areas for Mainland Business Setup

Step by Step Guide to Start A Mainland Company in Dubai


Following the legal foundations of the UAE government laws, the mainland of Dubai is considered one of the most popular areas for Mainland Business Setup in Dubai. The continent of Dubai has been the most economically developed region and is abundant in resources for conducting business. 

Let's look at the step-by-step guide for mainland business setup in Dubai.

Mainland Company Setup Steps

Decide business category and company’s structure. 

Choosing a business category is the first and most crucial step in starting a business. Dubai provides a variety of business opportunities and options to choose from. Pick the niche you want to work in and then structure accordingly. 

Select a unique business name and register it.

It would be helpful if you chose a trading name appropriate for the services your company intends to provide. Then, within 72 hours after getting the voucher, you must incorporate the trademark by paying the fees.

Obtain a Preliminary Approval

To launch your firm, you will need a form of 'no-objection' letter from the DED. You will need additional approvals to start a business that deals with commodities, securities, or legal services.

Create a Memorandum of Agreement

To construct the Memorandum of Association, you will need to approach an authorized body (such as DED) and sign your LSA or Corporate Agent Agreement afterward. The authorized size of the company determines these requirements.

Hire Office Space

It is time to look for a commercial space in Dubai, as all companies in the region require a physical location. You will need your original permission certificate, tenancy agreement, and other documents to receive Ejari attestation.

Obtain a Commercial License

Submit all the documentation to DED in the respective emirate and complete all payments for the business license. In addition, depending upon the nature of the business you're starting, you may need to apply for extra permits from the regulatory organization for your industry.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce

Before you start doing business, you must first apply to join the business association in the emirate you want to operate.

Set up a virtual office

Next, you will need virtual offices set up in Dubai in Dubai's Mainland and Free Trade Zone. The procedure differs in the mainland and economic zone locations, as do the documents and administrative agencies—the expense of a virtual office defined by the type of business you conduct in the area.

Note: At the time of marketing, a virtual office for marketing companies gives a company address "Dubai." Aside from that, there is no provision for a physical workspace, a bank account, or a residency visa.

Leverage Local Sponsorship

A local sponsor Dubai assists the corporation in conducting local business well within the UAE market. LLCs with a local sponsor are tax-free, and foreign investors can repatriate 100 percent of their profits. The enterprises can also build an unlimited number of branches around the country and compete for various commercial and government initiatives that are not accessible to free zone businesses or professional services firms without a local sponsor.

What’s Next?

The following are the steps for business setup in Dubai:

  1. Find a local sponsor because, as per the laws, only the UAE national can be the local sponsor.
  2. Obtain a no objection letter from the local sponsor.
  3. The company's Memorandum of Agreement is now prepared. The Memorandum of Association lays out the essential terms under which the firm will operate.
  4. Take approval from Dubai's Department of Economics.
  5. Incorporate the firm under a distinctive trade name after receiving first permission from the DED.
  6. After finalizing the business trademark, you have to hunt for a physical office location for your company.
  7. Once you have established your business store, apply for a trade license.

Why hire a business Consultancy? 

While it's easy to start a new business in Dubai, a company formation can be lengthy and process-oriented. Foreign investors may face hurdles in legal and statutory matters. The best solution is to hire a PRO Company in Dubai, such as Absher Business Consultancy, to carry out all the formalities on behalf of the client. They have a team of professionals who has expertise in legal, business, finance, marketing and taxation, and company laws.