Tourist Visa Dubai: Is it easy to apply for?

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Am I Eligible to apply for a tourist visa in Dubai?

Dubai attracts tourists around the year because of its spectacular sunny weather.   To see the world's most impressive skyline which boasts of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure made by man, or the five tallest residential buildings in the world, you must make a trip to Dubai. Moreover, a few dozen other reasons make Dubai one of the world's hottest tourist destinations.   Whether you go Skiing in the desert, enjoy the thriving food scenes or spend your time lazily on the splendid beaches that stretch a thousand kilometers, you must be in Dubai for a memorable experience.  The crown of the Middle East, which is also the capital of modern art and design, plays the perfect host to tourists who want to soak in various luxuries available for tourists.



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Tourist visa Dubai

To enter Dubai as a tourist you will need a Tourist Visa that has a specific validity.  While most travel agents help their clients by assisting in obtaining tourist visas, you can even arrange it on your own with help from some companies that provide visa services in dubaiThe visa is an electronic authorization known as E-visa and to obtain it you must submit your basic travel documents and personal information stating the purpose of the visit. Stating the purpose is very important because it determines the type of visa you would need. For example, you will need a tourist visa if you are visiting Dubai as a tourist whereas if you are visiting for business purposes then you would need a Visit visa.  

Types of Tourist visas

Various types of Tourist visas are available based on their entry types and validity. Therefore, before applying for a visa you must be clear about the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay in Dubai. It should help to apply for the right type of visa.   Moreover, you might not have to apply for a visa in advance if you belong to any of the 81 countries listed for a visa on arrival, in which case you can obtain the visa after landing in Dubai. 

Since different types of tourist visas have different fees applicable, knowing the visa type is useful to know the cost involved in getting the type of Tourist visa you need.  Since Tourist visas are for short stays with specific exit times, these do not require any UAE local sponsor which is applicable for Employment visas and Residency visas only. However, you might get in touch with some consulting companies in Dubai that provide visa services to obtain a Tourist visa if you are doing it on your own. 

Transit visa – Since Dubai is a top transit point for international travelers, those who stop over at Dubai for some connecting flight can opt to spend some time, maybe a day or two, to discover the place hurriedly. They must apply for a single-entry Transit visa valid for 48 hours or 96 hours.

14-day Tourist visa - This single-entry visa has a validity of 60 days but stipulates only 14 days of stay in the country. You might club some business and tourist activities to take advantage of this type of visa. 

30-day Tourist visa - This visa is available for a 30-day stay in Dubai and UAE and is ideal for vacationing with family and friends to explore the Emirates leisurely. The visa is available for single entry and multiple entries with a validity of 60 days. Although you can enter Dubai several times with a multiple-stay visa, the total duration of stay should not exceed 30 days. 

60-day Tourist visa – If you wish to stay in Dubai or the UAE for a longer time then this visa is ideal for you. Single and multiple-entry visas allow staying for a maximum period of 60 days. Both 30-days and 60-day tourist Visas are extendable.

For obtaining Dubai Transit visas, it is necessary to furnish confirmed air tickets and a copy of the visa of the country you are traveling to. A birth certificate is necessary for children below 18 years. 

To facilitate last-minute travel plans, some visa agents provide super express service and help to obtain the visa within a few hours.  

Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity to be eligible for Tourist visas and you can apply for a visa online.  

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