What are the Reasons for Hiring an Expert Consultant for Visa Documentation In the UAE

Considering the documentation and procedures involving different offices required to obtain a visa.

UAE requires visitors coming to the country for business or job purposes to have a valid visa. Visas to the UAE get categorized into different types, such as tourist visas, business visas, and employment visas. 

The procedure for obtaining a visa in the UAE is relatively easy compared to other Gulf countries. The UAE government has been inviting foreign investors to come to the UAE and do business apart from being an old employment destination for expatriate workers. Though the visa procedure is straightforward, it may be difficult for outsiders to know the process due to a lack of knowledge of visa rules. To overcome the challenges, many visa consultants in Dubai can help. 

The basic approval required for entering UAE is Entry Permit. It can be arranged by business firms or family members already residing in the UAE. Once the person is in the country, they can apply for a residence or work visa. 

For people who come to work a job in the UAE, their visa is arranged by their employers. All process required for visa application for the employees and their family is taken care of by the company. Many jobs qualify for visas with families, and some blue-collar jobs do not allow families in the UAE. 

A person must have an entry permit, resident visa, and UAE identity card before applying for a work permit. Considering the documentation and procedures involving different offices required to obtain a visa, it is best to take the assistance of expert Visa Services in Dubai. The professional consultants complete the application process and take responsibility for arranging the visa. 


To apply for a visa, certain documents, including certificates must be submitted along with the application. This detail is required to capture the applicant's details, such as nationality, type of job, and family details.


It is the most significant document for a visa. The original passport, along with a specified number of copies of relevant pages are submitted with the application. The applicant's passport is required to have a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry to the UAE; otherwise, the authority does not approve the visa. 

Emirates ID card

The emirate identity card is a must for getting a visa. The details mentioned in the ID card should match those on the passport; otherwise, any mismatch will result in the visa application getting declined. The applicant must rectify the errors and resubmit the application, which may cause harassment and delay. 

Medical Certificate

The applicant must submit a medical certificate to indicate their health status. It is a mandatory requirement as the UAE authorities are strict regarding the applicant's health, especially if they are on a job visa. 

Company Card

The company where the applicant is working has to be identified. Therefore, a copy of the company card is to be enclosed with the visa application.

Entry permit 

The entry permit issued by the ministry of labour in UAE is required for every person entering the country. The applicant must attach the permit in original for visa approval.

Company License 

The applicant must submit a copy of the license of the company where they are working. Even business owners requiring visas need to submit a trade license. This license means that the company is allowed by the authorities to carry out business operations and recruit employees for the company. 

A licensed copy is to be submitted to the visa issuing authorities. The application forms must be filled in Arabic. Therefore, the role of local business consultants becomes crucial as they can handle the language better than the foreign applicant. 

How can Visa Consultants help? 

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