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How can i get a business visa in dubai?

Your guide on applying for a Business visa in the UAE.

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Resident Visa Dubai: Am I eligible for applying?

Considering applying for a residence visa in the UAE? ABSHER gives you all the needed information ab

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Guide to Setup Business in Dubai - Absher Business Consultancy

Whether you decide to do it yourself or engage Business Setup Consultants in Dubai to accelerate the

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10 Reasons to Hire Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, you will require to have all the information about

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are most asked by our customers How to setup a business in the UAE? What is the difference between a Mainland, Freezone etc.

In the UAE, one can opt for Mainland, Free zone, and Offshore business. For Mainland, one requires a local sponsor.

One needs to reserve a Trade name with LLC as an affix to the company name duly approved by authorities. Another essential requirement is the MOA of the company and then submitting the office lease agreement and other partners' documents.

In Mainland, one can do business with anyone, including overseas. There is no geographical limitation, and you can get affordable office rental space.

Free Zones are earmarked for international trade and require 100 % foreign ownership. Companies in each Free Zone can trade only in the same Free zone and not anywhere else in UAE.

With Absher Business Consultancy, company formation in Dubai Mainland can take less than 72 hours.

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