Mainland Business Setup in Dubai UAE

Mainland Company Setup is the most flexible option for investors.

Mainland Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

Why UAE Mainland Business Setup is important? Investing in the Dubai mainland brings forth a lucrative proposition for commercial activities. Business establishments and foreign investors who want to start a business in Dubai have three options to register themselves to carry out their commercial activities- Mainland, Free zone, and Offshore. 

A mainland company has the advantage of operating anywhere in the UAE. 

The main benefits in registering a mainland company include:

  • 1000+ business activities to choose from
  • Freedom to trade in any part of UAE or abroad
  • Freedom to select any business premises across Dubai
  • Easy Visa processing for employees
  • No Currency restriction for repatriation
  • 100% ownership of a company
  • No restriction on bidding for Government projects

Earlier, it was mandatory to have a UAE Local Sponsor as a local partner. But, from June 2021, this criterion has been scrapped by a historical decision of the government administration. The government took a decisive step towards its commitment to ensuring a diversified economy with enhanced participation of foreign investors. Hence, foreign investors can now have 100 % ownership of the business. Therefore, more than 1000 commercial and industrial units have been included in the 100% ownership list. 

The legal structure of Mainland Setup in Dubai, UAE

A Mainland company can be any of the following 

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership (LLC)
  • Branch of Multinational company
  • Representative office
  • Subsidiary
  • Civil Office

The license of a Mainland company can be of 3 types 

  1. Professional License - involves a wide range of service-related activities
  2. Commercial License - it involves different kinds of trading activities
  3. Industrial License - includes a wide range of manufacturing activities

How to set up a Dubai Mainland company? 

  • Decide on business activity 

          A first-time investor must select what type of business they want to start.

  • Company structure 

           Depending on the business activity chosen, one can either have sole ownership or go for an LLC partnership.

  • Approval of Business name 

           check on the availability of the Trade name decided and get it registered with DED, Dubai.

  • Initial license approval 

           Getting the initial license approval from DED to start the business and simultaneously apply for other licenses.

  • External approvals 

           External approvals are necessitated from different authorities like Dubai municipality, judicial bodies, or some ministries for sectors like education, healthcare, and food-related business.

  • Visas and other documentation 

           Getting a work visa for employees after the establishment card and labor file have been obtained.

  • Selecting business premises 

           Having an office or a commercial space is necessary to get a trade license. The RERA has regulated the renting and leasing of office space in Dubai. To obtain the trade license, any investor can show the “Ejari” or “my rent “to DED.

  • Fees  

           One has to pay specific fees to DED and other authorities to get the license and other statutory approvals.

  • Opening Bank account

           One has to open a Corporate Bank account in the company name for transaction purposes.

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