Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies

Feasibility Study Services in Dubai

Foreign investors wanting to set up a new business in the UAE should ideally conduct Feasibility Studies in UAE or feasibility analysis as the first step. It will give them an idea of whether the proposed project or business venture is technically and financially feasible or not. Here financially feasible would mean whether it is possible within an estimated cost. The feasibility study also ensures whether the project will be profitable or unprofitable one or not. 

Starting a new venture in a country would require significant investment. It is imperative to carry out a feasibility study with a business setup Consultancy in the UAE. These consultants will provide an in-depth feasibility report and consider the Local market condition crucial for business success.

A business feasibility study is not the same as Business Plan though it is similar to a certain extent. A business plan describes the activities, strategies, and financial projections. The feasibility study will determine whether the business plan will work or not. 

Major components of a Feasibility Study

Feasibility study services in Dubai will comprise of several components, and the main ones include:

  • Project Overview – An overview of the business project, products or services offered, and business model and proposed operations.
  • Market feasibility – Analyses and identifies prospective buyers, industry, competitors, current market potential and sales estimations, and future projections.
  • Technical feasibility – It lists the data about product or service delivery that includes labor and raw materials.
  • Financial feasibility – A plan forecasts the capital required, type of funds, and projected Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows. It includes comprehensive assumptions details made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and presentation of crucial financial data graphically.
  • Organizational feasibility – It is an overview of the corporate and legal frame of the company. It includes the founder's background, the management team, and the expertise that helps the company begin its operations.


About Absher Business Consultancy

As a leading Business Consultancy in UAE, they can help clients set up business in UAE by providing a feasibility report on the proposed business plan. They have a team that focuses on the client’s business model, identifies the potential customers, and is familiar with the latest technology and experts with a complex set of data. Their USP includes clear communication, organizational skills, multitasking, observational, analytical, and critical thinking.

As a part of the business feasibility study in UAE, they conduct market research independently with their resources. They also collaborate with market research firms in the UAE to obtain authentic market data crucial to laying a robust foundation for an excellent feasibility study.

Business feasibility study reports are delivered to clients in exhaustive reports, presentations backed by detailed financial models.

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