Re-evaluation of Companies in UAE

Re-evaluation of Companies in UAE

Re-evaluation of Companies in the UAE

Several companies have been re-evaluating their assets over the last decade in compliance with international reporting standards. Hence, re-evaluation of assets helps any company present a fair and true value to its stakeholders.

Why is re-evaluation carried out?

Valuations or re-valuations are done under the following circumstances.

  • A partner may want to sell his shares in the company and would like his share value to be revalued.
  • An investor may be interested in acquiring shares in a target company and would like a re-evaluation of the company’s book value, asset value, market capitalization, price to earnings multiples, etc.
  • As a significant shareholder of a company, one may like to revalue the company at each reporting date.
  • A company has already acquired another company and would like its auditors to allocate post-acquisition purchase prices. It will require auditing consultants to value intangible assets, including goodwill, for financial reporting.

The above is some of the scenarios when re-evaluation may be warranted though many other situations would warrant a similar exercise.

Re-evaluation services in UAE

Absher Business Consultancy has extensive experience in providing re-evaluation of companies in the UAE. The professionals have years of expertise in evaluating companies using methods recognized by international laws. Also, the valuation of companies needs carried keeping in lieu with the local laws, the market environment in mind.

Estimating the company's fair value can be carried out in different ways, such as having valuation methods based on

  • Net Book Value of the company
  • Adjusted Book Value
  • Replacement Value
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Profit multipliers
  • Company’s net market value or capitalization

About Absher Business Consultancy 

Absher UAE has a proven track record of evaluating companies in the UAE. As a professional auditing company, it is sector agnostic and has provided valuation to various companies across industries, covering retail, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, logistics, and food & beverages. 

After a thorough understanding of a client's requirement and vision, the expert team decides on the exact valuation technology using its analytical skills and critical thought process. These skills have made Absher rank among the top valuation firms in the UAE.

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