Tax Agent & Consultancy

Tax Agent & Consultancy

Tax Agent & Consultancy in Dubai, UAE

As per the current laws in the United Arab Emirates, Tax Agents registered with the Federal Authorities can represent other persons to fulfilling their tax obligations. 


Tax Agent Consultant in Dubai, UAE

Tax agents should meet the following conditions at FTA to register themselves at the registrar.

  • Possess good conduct
  • Hold an appropriate certificate from an accredited institution with relevant specialization.
  • Have practical experience
  • Have valid professional indemnity insurance

Benefits of Hiring Tax Consultancy in Dubai

A tax agent consultant can handle all the company's tax affairs so that the business owners can concentrate on core activities. 

Some of the benefits of hiring a registered tax consultant:

  • Helps company in tax assessment and provides representation before authorities.

There are more responsibilities than filing returns. Some matters are complex and require the experts to handle them appropriately while representing before the authorities.

Saves Time and Money

Tax compliance means a series of essential work that seems endless. Tax responsibilities include VAT registration, VAT planning, filing of VAT returns online with proper documentation. These activities are time-consuming, expensive, and require expertise in taxation matters. By outsourcing tax work, a company will not require additional in-house employees for handling tax matters, thus saving costs.   

Files Returns on time 

It is mandatory to file tax returns with the Federal Tax Authorities in Dubai within the deadline. Tax returns should also be accurate. Failure for deadline and accuracy will lead to penalties from the authorities. Tax agents will ensure that the returns are filed periodically and accurately, saving the company from hassles. 

VAT Auditing & Advisory Services UAE

Absher Business Consultancy is registered in the UAE to act as Tax agents and has been helping their clients for years. The consultants specialize in offering a comprehensive list of services related to Auditing and VAT compliances which includes the following

  • VAT planning and relevant advisory services
  • VAT registration include a single tax entity for the group of companies
  • Guidance on reverse charge mechanism for imports
  • Guidance on the Intra GCC trade
  • VAT awareness and training to employees
  • Ensure VAT compliance, including timely returns and reconciliation
  • Provide advisory services to clients on notifications and any other tax issues
  • Representing clients before the Federal Tax authorities.

Absher as Tax Agent Consultants ensure clients maintain their books of accounts and other records systematically, calculate the Tax obligations accurately and file them on time to meet the governmental regulations. Tax consultants act as long-term tax advisors. Hence, the professionals update their clients on any tax laws and government policies changes. 

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