Virtual Office Setup in Dubai

Virtual office setup

Virtual Office Setup in Dubai


Dubai is a booming commercial and financial destination in the Middle East. It is now the investors' first choice to start a business. For start-ups, it is always a priority how they can carry out their business operations efficiently minimizing costs. Even seasoned business owners are compelled to consider the same during the pandemic. So, in 2020, when businesses were forced to operate from home, they no longer need to invest in a huge office space. People realized that business operations can be run successfully online. There was no need to be physically present in an office space. After 2020, the demand for virtual spaces started growing in Dubai. 


Virtual Office Setup in Dubai

What are Virtual offices?

A virtual office is an address where an investor can get all the services of a traditional office space. But they do not have to be present in that dedicated area. As the name suggests, all the work is done virtually over the internet. Therefore, virtual offices are not actual spaces with chairs and tables. When you opt for the service, you will be given a virtual office address at a prominent location in Dubai.

Along with it, you can expect a meeting room, a dedicated telephone number, and/or a video conferencing facility. Obviously, this all depends on the package you want and the budget you have. Whatever the package is, the employees can work from anywhere. The virtual office package is most suitable for small businesses and start-ups who want to operate from home but do not want to use their home address.

Virtual or digital offices are legal. This is why they are in great demand for small businesses or start-ups. 

A virtual office has many advantages and winning points. The most known is that it reduces operating costs. Also, it gives greater flexibility, and increases productivity. They are an excellent cost-effective solution to the concept of modern working. For professionals or freelancers, working remotely is now becoming popular. 

A virtual office is a boon for people who want a professional presence on their business cards without incurring a high rental cost for a commercial office. 

A foreign investor setting up a business for the first time in Dubai has the option to operate out of a virtual office. Investors are eligible for a virtual company license if they happen to be residents of the 101 countries approved by the UAE Government. Also, only those who have business activities in pre-defined sectors can set up a virtual office in Dubai. 


Here are in details the advantages of owning a virtual address in prestigious Dubai:

1- Lower overhead costs

You will get a bill for your virtual office address every month. However, that will be much lesser than renting, leasing, or buying an actual office space in a prominent location in Dubai. It is even cheaper than renting a co-working space. Other overhead costs like furnishing, electricity or other maintenance costs can be avoided. Since so many costs can be cut down the companies that can do without a dedicated workplace can opt for the virtual one.

2-Access to the global employee pool

With a virtual office, there is no need to look for and employ local employees. Instead, you can source great talents from anywhere in the globe. They get to enjoy the benefits of remote work and you get to enjoy hiring top talents.

3-Owning a prestigious business address

Opting for a virtual office package, you'll get an office address at a prominent location in Dubai. You will get a local phone number as well. This helps enhance the credibility of your company in front of your clients. It is also a better company representation in front of your business partners.

4-Improved productivity

Employees do not have to commute to their workplace. For that, they don't have to wake up earlier, so they are more productive.


As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a virtual office that can be use for your business. This will give you the extra security and stability of knowing that your personal and business information are safe when using public computers or internet services. This address will also allow you to register your business with the authorities and apply for bank loans so that you can get started on developing your business plan. The address you will be getting for this virtual office will be a reliable address that can be used in all your future activities. You can also use this address when submitting your business for registration in the Emirates. With this address you will also be getting a local phone number where you will be able to submit on your website and social media platforms so clients and potential interests can call and reach out to you.


A virtual office is a great solution for startups and other businesses that want to reduce their cost while maintaining performance. There are different packages and offers that can be chosen from and therefore, this gives the business owner more flexibility in terms of pricing and financing options. As a business owner you will benefit from setting a specific list with your requests and get it for your team! There are different packages and offers that can be chosen from, giving you flexibility in selecting the one that suits your needs best. You can customize your space to meet your specific needs, or take advantage of standard features like meeting rooms, private telephones and other amenities offered by your chosen location.

Steps to set up a virtual office in Dubai

A virtual office can only be opened in a Dubai Free Zone and Mainland. If one is planning to have a virtual office in a Free zone, then they have to

  • Choose a free zone from where one wishes to open a virtual office.
  • Check out prevailing rules and regulations for that zone to apply for a virtual office.
  • Look out for Business centers or virtual office service providers who can provide business addresses and facilities like phone, email, meeting rooms, etc.

Benefits of Availing of Absher Meeting Room

Absher Business Consultancy meeting facilities offer their clients a professional 5-star conference setup. We offer a dedicated receptionist, administration team, and a choice of various business locations in the Emirates. Our services will help you get all the necessary assistance. All the essentials are taken care of. Our services also include pre-meeting and conference arrangements so that the clients can focus on core business activities. 

Absher Meeting facilities include

  • A professional support team to set up meetings or conferences
  • Availability of Wi-Fi with a secured password
  • High-speed internet
  • Prestigious meeting locations with 5-star quality fit-out
  • Access to video conferencing facilities
  • Complimentary refreshments for clients and guests.
  • Flexible booking arrangements from a few hours through the whole day

Book a meeting with Absher for a hassle-free experience. Absher consists of Business Setup Consultants in Dubai. We can secure a slot in real time via the company’s portal.

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